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Have you struggled to understand your relationship with Jesus Christ? Perhaps you’ve only recently learned of His divine role in our everyday lives. Whatever stage you are in with understanding your life with Christ, we at Agape House Publishing Company are ready to help. The path that shows you how to find Jesus is not always easy to discover. But once you have discovered the way, it truly is the easiest most assured way to live your life. Some of the steps that you can take to discover Jesus are:

Reach out to your local church – the community and family of Jesus Christ are always ready to receive new members. They understand your struggles, and are ready and waiting with open arms for you to join the fold.

Receive your salvation – accepting that the love of Jesus Christ is true and real can often be the most difficult step to take. Let your mind be free and realize the truth of His words and the beauty of His love.

Learn more through reading – the inspirational writings hosted at Agape House Publishing Company. Let our selection of unique and comforting books bring you the knowledge and confidence to move further into your relationship with Jesus Christ.

With these few simple steps, you can easily begin your journey, and learn more about how to find Jesus. Our books are invaluable guides through every step of the process, giving you inspiration, enlightenment, and constantly developing knowledge. Open your soul to accepting the beauty of Jesus and you can start to find true enlightenment and virtue through the turbulent waters of our everyday lives.

We care about our customers and want to hear from you! Tell us your stories of how to find Jesus and the tales of the difference He has made in your life. The joy of Jesus is something to be shared, and your personal struggles and ultimate salvation can help others who desperately need the light of the true savior to guide them. We are God’s best prophets, doing his work on earth to help bring greatness and joy to those around us.

To learn more about our books or how to share your story of salvation, contact Agape House Publishing Company.

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